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Education Plan

Financial product designed to help individuals save for their dependents


What is a Education Plan?

An educational plan investment is a financial product designed to help individuals save for their or their dependents' education expenses. These plans are often offered by financial institutions, insurance companies, or educational institutions, and provide a tax-efficient way to save for future education expenses.

Educational plan investments typically require regular contributions over a fixed period of time, and the funds are invested in a portfolio of assets, such as stocks, bonds, or cash, with the goal of generating returns over the long term. The funds can be used to pay for a wide range of education-related expenses, including tuition fees, accommodation costs, textbooks, and other academic expenses.

Benefits of an Educational Plan
investment in South Africa

Tax benefits
Tax benefits

Educational plan investments offer tax benefits, as contributions may be tax-deductible, and any investment returns earned are typically tax-free. This can help investors maximise their savings and keep more of their money.

Education inflation protection
Education inflation protection

Educational plan investments are designed to keep up with the rising cost of education over time, providing inflation protection for education expenses.

Long-term savings
Long-term savings

Educational plan investments provide a disciplined savings plan for long-term education expenses, which can help investors reach their financial goals.

Investment growth potential
Investment growth potential

Educational plan investments are invested in a portfolio of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and cash, with the goal of generating returns over the long term. This can provide potential for investment growth and help investors achieve their savings goals.

Benefits of Having an
Mont Blanc Financial Services (MBFS) Financial Advisor:


Comprehensive Approach:

MBFS advisors go beyond basic financial products. They take a holistic view of your situation, considering short-term insurance, employee benefits, risk management, and even investment options. This comprehensive approach ensures your financial plan addresses all your needs.


Technology & Innovation:

MBFS prides itself on being a "Fresh-Tech" ™ company. Your advisor will leverage modern tools and resources to deliver efficient service and provide you with up-to-date financial information.


Client-Centric Focus:

Rooted in their core value "We Care" ™ , MBFS advisors prioritise building strong relationships with our clients. They act as partners, understanding your unique goals and tailoring solutions to achieve them.


Peace of Mind & Security:

With MBFS's focus on "Getting You Claims Ready" ™ , our advisors can ensure you have the right insurance coverage in place. This proactive approach can give you peace of mind knowing you're protected financially in case of unforeseen events.

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