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Truck Insurance

Insurance made plain and simple


Truck Insurance

Safeguard your business against unforeseen risks with comprehensive commercial truck and transport insurance. This tailored policy provides peace of mind knowing you're covered for accidents, liabilities, and cargo damage, ensuring your operations run smoothly, no matter the road ahead.

What Does the Product Cover?

Liability cover
Liability cover

Protects your business against financial liabilities arising from accidents involving your trucks, including injuries to third parties, property damage, and legal defense costs.

Physical Damage cover
Physical Damage cover

Covers repairs or replacements for your trucks in case of collisions, theft, vandalism, fire, weather events, and other unforeseen circumstances.

Cargo Insurance
Cargo Insurance

Safeguards the goods you transport against loss or damage during transit, offering financial protection for valuable cargo and ensuring timely delivery to your clients.

Additional covers
Additional covers

Tailor your policy further with optional add-ons like Non-Owned and Borrowed Truck cover, General Accident & Health insurance for drivers, and On-Hook & Off-Hook cover for loading and unloading risks.

Advance AI Fleet
Management Solution

Mont Blanc Technologies is excited to unveil our new 4 Channel AI Cam, a revolutionary dashcam that goes beyond basic recording. This AI-powered system acts as a comprehensive driver behaviour monitoring tool, promoting safe driving and reducing risk for fleets.

Equipped with an integrated processor, the 4 Channel AI Cam not only monitors the road but also detects inattentiveness, phone use, unfastened seatbelts, and even driver fatigue or smoking. This translates into a safer driving environment and potential cost savings - you can get up to a 20% discount on your insurance premium by installing this advanced AI solution in your trucks!

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Why you need a
MBFS Commercial Insurance Broker


Deep understanding of your business

Our brokers dive deep into your operations, identifying potential risks and tailor cover to your specific needs. They act as an extension of your team, not just a salesperson. They identify gaps in your existing cover and propose solutions that truly address your business's unique needs. You don't simply get a generic policy. MBFS is not tied to any single insurance company, giving our brokers access to a wider range of policies and competitive rates.


Cost-Effectiveness and Negotiation

With access to multiple insurers, our brokers can negotiate better premiums and find cost-effective solutions that match your budget. Our brokers understand insurance jargon and policy intricacies, ensuring you get the most out of your cover without hidden costs or exclusions. They proactively review your needs and market conditions before renewals, negotiating better terms or finding more competitive options when necessary.


Streamlined Administration and Support

Our brokers handle the heavy lifting, from initial application to policy management and renewals, saving you valuable time and resources. When a claim arises, they become your advocate, guiding you through the process, filing paperwork, and negotiating with the insurance company to ensure you get fair compensation. They stay updated on industry trends and risks, offering proactive advice to mitigate future challenges and keep your cover relevant.


Long-Term Relationship and Trust

You develop a trusting relationship with your broker, who becomes a dedicated advisor understanding your business needs and evolving alongside it. Having a dedicated professional representing your interests provides peace of mind, knowing you have an expert looking out for your business's well-being. They proactively communicate about upcoming renewals, potential risk changes, and market updates, keeping you informed and involved in your insurance decisions.

Benefits of Having
Commercial Truck & Transport Insurance

Financial Security

Avoid potentially crippling financial burdens in case of accidents or mishaps. Insurance helps cover repair costs, medical bills, and legal fees, protecting your business from unforeseen expenses.

Peace of Mind

Focus on running your business efficiently knowing you're well-protected. Comprehensive cover minimizes risks and ensures financial stability, allowing you to operate with greater confidence.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Guarantee the timely and safe delivery of goods with cargo insurance. This builds trust with your clients by demonstrating your commitment to protecting their valuable shipments.

Compliance with Regulations

Many regions mandate certain levels of commercial auto insurance for operating trucks. Having the appropriate cover ensures your business adheres to legal requirements and avoids potential penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I determine the required level of cover?

Can I customize my policy with additional covers?

How do I file a claim in case of an incident?

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