Our Values

Since its arrival on the short-term insurance scene in 1999, Mont Blanc Financial Services has established itself as a serious and dynamic industry player. Although the company is still only in its adolescence, it is changing the face of modern insurance as we know it, and has matured into one of South Africa’s premier independent short-term brokers while always aspiring to reach new heights and break new ground.

We strive to retain and grow our client base through providing solid, reliable, technically-correct and innovative advice to address any insurance, risk management and financial needs. We strive to create and maintain a close working relationship with our clients, which is why we consider them more as partners

Our Mission

To retain and grow our client base through our commitment to providing first-rate service and leading-edge insurance solutions that translates into real value for all stakeholders.

Our Vision

Utilize our extensive knowledge and expertise to become a dominant national market leader while conducting business with honesty, transparency and integrity.

Our Code of Conduct

We strive to set the bar for industry service while treating our clients with trust, honesty and integrity. Our clients’ interests always come first.

We Will:

  • At all times, and in relation to all parties, conduct our business honestly, transparently, with integrity and in good faith.
  • Put the interests of our clients above all else – even our remuneration.
  • Keep clients’ information confidential and use it only when negotiating, maintaining, renewing or servicing their financial needs, unless consent has been obtained.
  • Comply with all legislation, acts and regulations relating to the financial services industry.
  • Ensure our employees fully understand members’ obligations under this code, and that they are kept up to date with any other guidelines that may be issued.
  • Ensure any statements we make – whether in advertisements, circulars, or publicity or promotional material – are factually correct and do not contain misleading or extravagant claims.


  • Make management and executives, both individually and collectively, account to regulators and other stakeholders for failed governance process and protocol.
  • Protect, promote and advance the image, standing and common interest of the professional financial services industry.
  • Consistently promote the improvement and standard of financial products, financial advice and intermediary services provided within the industry.
  • Promote and uphold high ethical standards and good business practices within the financial services industry to ensure the sector as a whole maintains a good image and reputation.
  • Make current and potential clients aware that we impose the code on ourselves to distinguish us from average industry expectations.
  • Stay relevant within the financial services industry and up to date with legislative and regulatory changes; and implement these changes at the strategic, operational and risk management levels.

Services and Technology

We set exceptional standards through understanding there is only one way to run a successful business. All our employees believe they have a role to play in continually improving service, and they are valued for their contribution. Highly advanced management and IT solutions complement this by keeping us ahead of the curve, enabling us to understand and even predict future events.

Business Management Systems

We customise advanced business and IT solutions to meet the requirements driven by emerging trends and expanding markets. These cutting-edge solutions are either developed in-house or are outsourced to niche specialists, allowing us to be highly competitive in the market, giving us greater control of our business, and ultimately benefiting you, the client. We regularly revisit existing strategies, systems, procedures and processes to ensure our business remains at the forefront of innovation in the financial services industry.

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