Aviation Insurance

Take flight with our industry professionals!
Mont Blanc has offered a superior level of service to aircraft owners and pilots since 1999. Aviation Insurance may be more complex than Personal, Home or Auto Insurance, but insuring your aircraft can be made simple if an Aircraft Insurance expert is there to guide you through the process and help you find the right coverage for your specific needs.We have a passion for aviation and are self-made enthusiasts (with our CEO being a Rotorwing pilot himself), which assists Mont Blanc in seeing things from a pilot/owner’s perspective and helps us to effectively tailor make the best aviation insurance solution for you!
Private Aircraft Insurance

MBFS is able to provide cover for everything from the weekend sports aircraft and small experimental kit aircraft, to very light jets and turbine helicopters. Whether you fly straight and level or prefer to fly upside down for the pure joy of it, we have insurance solutions for you!

Aviation Monte

Aircraft owner or operator? This covers your Legal Liability to third parties and/or passengers arising out of the ownership/operator of an aircraft where you are at fault. Legal Liability is excluded to members of the flight, cabin or other crew members whilst engaged in the operation of the aircraft.

Commercial/Corporate Aircraft Insurance

Commercial/corporate aviation as a whole has many different avenues. Aircraft manufacturers, flight training centres, agricultural aviators, air cargo and charter aircraft on-demand air service are just a few examples of the day-to-day operations MBFS handles.

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Excess buy down

Is your excess too high? Most of our insurers will give options to insure the excess down to a fixed amount or Nil. For an additional premium, the excess on your policy is brought down to a smaller fixed amount, making it affordable for you to submit your claim.

Drone (UAV’S)

Drones are the future of aviation and an exciting addition to the general aviation business. MBFS provides Comprehensive Cover whether the drone is flying or not. Insurance cover includes damage to the device along with damage to third-party property and persons. We have access to leading insurance products to help cover your entire scope of operation.

Here are our 3 tips to keep your assets properly covered:
What is she worth?

Make sure to chat to your AMO or get an industry aircraft valuation on the value of your aircraft/helicopter. The rate of exchange fluctuations can change the value of your machine. Alternately, insure in dollars!

Your Liability Exposure

In current times it is nearly impossible to cap your liability exposure and we would highly recommend that you choose as much Liability Cover as you can afford. The purpose of usage of the aircraft, number of passengers, the environment of operation, as well as legal minimum requirements should be considered when purchasing liability coverage.

Specify your policy

Your policy has very specific provisions regarding the geographical limits you can fly within, the scenarios in which the aircraft can be used for, as well as the pilots that are permitted to fly the aircraft. Ensure these meet your needs and that you can operate within the requirements.

What other clients also insured
Pilots Excess Buy Down
Pilots Excess Buy Down
Pilots, do you fly various different aircrafts? Does the owner or operator make you responsible for their policy excess? This cover pays a sum of money to cover your excess charges over a wide range of aircrafts for a simple monthly premium.
No Claim Bonus Protection
No Claim Bonus Protection
To keep up with discounted premiums being offered, various insurers are providing a discount on your premium upfront at inception of your policy. Did you know that this discount will become repayable back to the insurers should a claim or loss happen during the policy period? This additional protection will settle that additional charge incurred.
Loss of Licence
Loss of Licence
If cruising the sky is your bread and butter, Loss of Licence insurance provides cover in the event of permanent or temporary revocation of an aviation licence due to accident and/or illness.