Protect one of your biggest assets with our expert brokers
Purchasing a home is a big deal, especially considering what a long-term commitment it is. As with anything in life, we want some form of reassurance that our hard-earned assets will be covered, should anything go wrong.
Our Buildings Product

When most people think of Buildings Insurance, they think about the worst-case scenarios – their home burning down, a rogue vehicle driving through the living room wall or an asteroid falling from space and blasting their home to smithereens. However, they seldom think about the smaller yet significant daily life hassles that Building Insurance takes care of. These include things such as your pool pump seizing, your geyser bursting, a storm blowing a tree down and destroying a section of your home or even your gate motor deciding to just ‘give up on you’.

At MBFS, we have spent many years paying attention to the little things that will likely go wrong, as opposed to the big things that most likely never will. If you want to look after your hard-earned building that you now call a home, allow us to provide some great cover options for you.

Quality Insurance

We strive to provide the product that is best suited to your needs, at an affordable price – with the added benefit of making sure that you are always claims ready. Not to mention, you are provided with a dedicated broker that you have 24-hour access to.

At MBFS we strongly believe in personal interaction as opposed to communication through automated response – and it's a philosophy we stand by.

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