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Pilot Insurance

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Cover for pilots, by pilots

Mont Blanc has offered a superior level of service to aircraft owners and pilots since 1999. As a pilot you know the importance of managing risk and safety. Nothing is more important than the pilot when it comes to managing risk as most aviation incidents happen due to pilot error. At MBFS we recognise this and understand that most aircrafts are insured, but most pilots are not insured or at least adequately insured. This is why Mont Blanc Financial Services has designed specific life insurance cover for the pilot lives and not only the aircraft.

How we do it ?

Human Element

  • Age
  • Qualifications
  • Experience.
  • Recency of flight experience
  • Career development path
  • The Machine

  • Make and type
  • Applications
  • Safety record
  • Operator and Operations

  • Type of operations
  • History of operator
  • Sustainability
  • Territorial Risk

    • Ground Risk
    • Air Risk - As per ICAO Safety Oversight Index
    • Mobility - how easily can the pilot be reassigned to a different country

    Why do we do what we do?

  • Tailormade rates for different aviators.
  • Safeguard the long term aviators.
  • Sustainability of our Aviation industry.
  • Highlighting healthy risks for our clients /stakeholders.
  • Achieving consistency in cover for pilots.
  • Prioritising High Risk pilots and operators through proper underwriting.
  • Cover designed by pilots for pilots.
  • Our Insurance solution
    includeds but is not limited the following

    Life Cover

    In the event of your untimely passing, life insurance will guarantee the financial security of your family and/or business.

    Income Protection

    If you, as the pilot, are deemed medically incapacitated due to an identifiable accident, illness, disease, or surgery, whether direct or indirect, your income will be covered until age 65.

    Disability Cover

    The impairment is severe enough that it prevents you from performing your routine flying tasks on a constant basis - your income will be covered until 65.

    Dread Disease

    Dread disease cover, also referred to as critical illness or severe illness cover.

    Loss of Lisence

    Your CPL or air ATPL is temporarily or permanently revoked, as a result of an impairment which is approved by the CAA medical board - your income will be covered until 65.

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