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Better (short) description - The tools and equipment you rely on to work every day can be expensive to replace, often hard to source and if you’ve been collecting over many years, you might find it difficult to find the same make or model to what you’ve always had. Stolen or damaged tools and equipment mean valuable time away from your job and clients – it could even cost you your business.

We offer 4 different policies under the umbrella of Plant Machinery Insurance, to cover your every need:

Plant All Risk

Loss of or damage to construction plant and equipment from any cause whilst in storage, transit, on contract site, and being used as a tool of the trade. This type of cover will cover items such as earthmoving equipment, cranes, pumps, air compressors, etc. In addition, the standard cover is available for hiring costs, legal liability arising out of the hire, and continuing hire charges. The basis of valuation is either new replacement value or market-related value.

On-hook cover

When moving equipment from site to site On-Hook cover is vital. This insurance will pay to repair or replace a vehicle/machine you don't own if it is damaged by a collision, fire, theft, explosion, or vandalism while you are towing or hauling.

Equipment & Machine Insurance

This insurance will provide protection for most types of plant and equipment in the construction, civil contractors, earthmoving, crane, agriculture, and mining industries.

These include:

  • Cranes / Tower Cranes
  • Earthmoving Equipment – Backhoes, Excavators
  • Forklifts / Scissor Lifts
  • Lifting Equipment
  • Concrete / Water Truck
  • Drilling Machines - Rock Breakers / Borers
  • Farming Equipment / Machinery
  • Forestry Equipment – Wood Chippers / Mulchers
  • Several industry-specific policies are combined to deliver full coverage of mainstream insurance exposures.

  • Site liability

    The main part of the contractor’s all risks insurance is the contract works section which provides cover for the property being worked on (e.g. new house.). However, cover for the existing property is excluded (e.g. the existing structure when building an extension) and must continue to be insured under its ow Employers Liability can be included unless this is already insured under the Contractors Business policy.