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Commercial Agricultural Insurance

Protecting Your Farm Through Every Season


What is it?

Protect your livelihood and ensure your farm's continued success with comprehensive commercial agricultural insurance. This specialized cover offers financial protection against a wide range of risks, allowing you to focus on what matters most - nurturing your crops and raising livestock.

What Does
Commercial Agricultural Insurance Cover?

Property Damage
Property Damage

From fires and lightning strikes to hailstorms and theft, this insurance protects your farm buildings, equipment, and stored crops against various physical losses.

Liability cover
Liability cover

Accidents are unpredictable. This insurance can provide financial assistance if someone is injured on your property or your operations cause unintended damage to others.

Loss of Income
Loss of Income

Facing a crop failure due to unexpected events like disease or pest infestation can be devastating. This insurance can help cover lost income during such circumstances, ensuring your financial stability.

Livestock Mortality
Livestock Mortality

Losing livestock due to illness, accidents, or natural disasters can inflict significant financial losses. This insurance can provide compensation for such unfortunate events, helping you recover and rebuild your herd.

Why you need a
MBFS Commercial Insurance Broker


Deep understanding of your business

Our brokers dive deep into your operations, identifying potential risks and tailor cover to your specific needs. They act as an extension of your team, not just a salesperson. They identify gaps in your existing cover and propose solutions that truly address your business's unique needs. You don't simply get a generic policy. MBFS is not tied to any single insurance company, giving our brokers access to a wider range of policies and competitive rates.


Cost-Effectiveness and Negotiation

With access to multiple insurers, our brokers can negotiate better premiums and find cost-effective solutions that match your budget. Our brokers understand insurance jargon and policy intricacies, ensuring you get the most out of your cover without hidden costs or exclusions. They proactively review your needs and market conditions before renewals, negotiating better terms or finding more competitive options when necessary.


Streamlined Administration and Support

Our brokers handle the heavy lifting, from initial application to policy management and renewals, saving you valuable time and resources. When a claim arises, they become your advocate, guiding you through the process, filing paperwork, and negotiating with the insurance company to ensure you get fair compensation. They stay updated on industry trends and risks, offering proactive advice to mitigate future challenges and keep your cover relevant.


Long-Term Relationship and Trust

You develop a trusting relationship with your broker, who becomes a dedicated advisor understanding your business needs and evolving alongside it. Having a dedicated professional representing your interests provides peace of mind, knowing you have an expert looking out for your business's well-being. They proactively communicate about upcoming renewals, potential risk changes, and market updates, keeping you informed and involved in your insurance decisions.

Benefits of Having
Commercial Agricultural Insurance

Peace of Mind

Knowing you have financial protection against unforeseen events allows you to operate your farm with greater peace of mind, enabling you to focus on making informed decisions for its long-term success.

Financial Security

In the event of a covered loss, insurance payouts can help you recover financially, preventing a single incident from derailing your farm's future and ensuring its continued operation.

Risk Management

This insurance helps manage potential risks associated with farming, mitigating the financial impact of unforeseen circumstances and protecting your farm's overall financial health.

Enhanced Farm Operations

By ensuring financial security against losses, this insurance can empower you to invest in your farm's growth, explore new opportunities, and make strategic decisions without the constant worry of financial setbacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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