Medical Aid

Having medical aid cover is essential for every person. You can choose one of the 23 plans that will suit your needs whilst still offering cover for you and your family. Our medical aid plans cover all your approved chronic medication, certain health checks, and emergency visits depending on your medical preferences.

List of Covers

Unlimited Hospital Cover

All health plans offer unlimited hospital cover unlimited hospital cover and includes the hospital account and any other related accounts. Some plans might depend on you using network hospitals and doctors, and for planned admissions outside the defined network you will have to pay a portion or the full amount of the hospital account. Emergency admissions that is life threatening is covered in full.

Screening and Prevention

Preventive screening tests are important to make sure that a range of medical conditions are detected early. You will have access to some of these tests and it will not affect your day-to-day benefits.

Condition-Specific Programs

You have access to a range of network GP's if you are registered for the Diabetes Care, Cardio Care, Mental Health Care and HIV Care programs. This allows you to unlock additional services and benefits to help you manage your condition.

Chronic Disease Cover

You are covered for defined list of 27 chronic conditions. You can get full cover if you use a network provider for approved chronic medicine on the medicine list.

Additional Benefits

You have access to a range of additional benefits and it includes the following:

  • International travel cover as well as Africa evacuation cover
  • Overseas treatment for if you need treatment that is not available in South Africa on the top plans
  • Home-based care and Compassionate care
  • Specialised medicine and technology
  • Maternity Benefit that includes certain healthcare services while you are pregnant and after the birth of your baby.

Comprehensive Cover For Cancer

The oncology benefit is specifically designed to help you in the time you need it most.