Marine and Cargo Insurance

List of Covers

Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance covers goods in transit - during land, sea, air or rail transportation. Our marine brokers offer appropriate risk management advice and shipping insurance solutions, ensuring all goods are covered in the unexpected event of physical loss and/ or damage to the cargo.

Goods in Transit

Goods in transit insurance, sometimes referred to as GIT, covers goods against loss or damage while being moved from one place to another. These goods can be being carried by individuals in their own vehicle, self-employed drivers or contractors or by third party carriers.

Marine Liabilities

Our Marine Liabilities cover is essentially a policy that covers all national and international regulations between the carriers and forwarders. Shipowners, cargo owners and others working within the shipping industry are all exposed to a number of different liabilities or responsibilities whether imposed by law, or voluntarily assumed under the terms of a contract. The coverage provided by our Marine Liability products tends to cover liabilities arising from loss of life, injury and damage to third party interests.

Stock Throughput

Our stock throughput policy is designed for companies that import, distribute and/or export cargo. The stock throughput policy covers all movable goods whether in transit, storage or undergoing the shipping voyage. We create a seamless coverage of goods using the stock throughput policy. This also ensures more control of inventory risks throughout the entire supply chain, from the point of origin all the way through to the final destination.


Always be prepared for any unplanned events that may occur. Our unique Sasria insurance cover provides cover for riots, strikes, terrorism, civil commotion, and public disorder. This insurance cover is excluded from your main insurance policy.

The Claims Ready Process

Document the conditions of cargo upon delivery. Make clear exceptions on the delivery receipt noting any loss and/or damage to the cargo and/or the packing and/or the containers.
Take pictures - photographs will be very helpful as evidence. Minimise the loss - immediately protect the cargo from further loss or damage.
  • Separate wet cargo from dry cargo
  • Repack to prevent further loss or damage
  • Move goods to a secure location.
Protect and maintain all packing, damaged goods and seals until advised otherwise by Mont Blanc
Notify us immediately in the event of a claim. We will guide you on the documentation required and procedures to follow.

The Sue and Labour Clause of your Cargo Policy requires the cargo owner to take reasonable measures as may be necessary to protect the insured property from further loss or damage. Costs and expenses incurred by the cargo owner in doing this are payable under the Sue and Labour Clause.