Cyber Crime Insurance

Let's Talk Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is the term used when a person or company has their computers, networks and IT Infrastructure breached or has their computers and or networks used for criminal activity. In the information age technology has become an indispensable tool that has not only become a part of everyone’s daily lives, but also the key driver in business moving forward, making it a necessity.

The good news is that the correct cover for all the risk associated with cyber crime has been developed. This cover ensures that clients can have the same protection and peace of mind as they do with more familiar forms of insurance cover, so that they can focus on growing their businesses in safety.

Let The Facts Speak For Themselves

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre has shown that South Africans lose in excess of R2.2bn to internet fraud and phishing attacks annually. This statistic should cause everyone to stand up and take notice.

Typical Impacts From Cyber Crime Include The Following:
  • System downtime or unavailability
  • Data Loss
  • Revenue Loss
  • Loss of Competitive Advantage
  • Litigation as a result of compromised data
  • Ransom
  • Reputational damages and the costs of mitigating further impacts as a result of a breach or series of breaches
  • Regulatory and Industry related penalties
Service Service Service!

At MBFS Service is a priority, Our service gets more done in less time, allowing our clients to get on with the things that are most important to them. How do we do this you ask? We achieve this through having the most experienced brokers in the industry at your beck and call 24/7, and if that wasn't enough they work alongside a 24 Hr call centre that are specifically trained to deliver the right results quickly when dealing with your claims and queries.

Finally we get our clients claims ready, which means that our clients have the peace of mind that they are 100% covered for any eventuality and that their claims will be paid out and handled quickly and successfully!