Aviation Insurance

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Private Aircraft Insurance

Aviation insurance is a type of insurance that protects aircraft owners and operators from financial losses caused by accidents, damage, or liability.

It can cover a wide range of risks,including: Physical damage to the aircraft, Pilot excess, Liability for injuries or property damage caused by Aviation insurance is essential for any aircraft owner or operator, regardless of the size or type of aircraft. It can provide peace of mind knowing that you are protected in the event of an accident.

What would a Aviation Policy Look like?
Hull Ground Risk
Hull All Risk / Ground Risk

To cover the structure of the aircraft against damage whilst inflight, taxiing and/or on the ground, including foreign object Ingestion - Subject to maximum agreed value as stated in the schedule.

Legal Liability

Legal Liability (Third Party and Passenger) - Combined Single Limit (CSL): The Insured’s Legal Liability to third parties and/or passengers arising out of the ownership or ownership of aircraft.

War a Allied Perils
War and Allied Perils

To cover the aircraft against war and allied perils. (Excluding confiscation by government of registry including confiscation by foreign government). Extortion Expenses- Included.

Deductible / Owner Excess

Insuring the Applicable Hull deductible /Owners Excess down, Subject to reinstatement after each and every loss.

Specialist Drone Insurance
Drone (UAV’S)

Drones are the future of aviation and an exciting addition to the general aviation business. MBFS provides Comprehensive Cover whether the drone is flying or not. Insurance cover includes damage to the device along with damage to third-party property and persons.
We have access to leading insurance products to help cover your entire scope of operation.

Did you know?

To comply with regulations. In some countries, drone insurance is required by law.In South Africa, all drones that weigh more than 250 grams must be registered with the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) and must have third-party liability insurance.In addition, commercial operators may also need to have hull insurance and data protection insurance.

Here are our 3 tips to keep your assets properly covered:
What is she worth?

Make sure to chat to your AMO or get an industry aircraft valuation on the value of your aircraft or helicopter. The rate of exchange fluctuations can change the value of your machine. Alternately, insure in dollars!

Your Liability Exposure

In current times it is nearly impossible to cap your liability exposure and we would highly recommend that you choose as much Liability Cover as you can afford. The purpose of usage of the aircraft, number of passengers, the environment of operation, as well as legal minimum requirements should be considered when purchasing liability coverage.

Specify your policy

Your policy has very specific provisions regarding the geographical limits you can fly within, the scenarios in which the aircraft can be used for, as well as the pilots that are permitted to fly the aircraft. Ensure these meet your needs and that you can operate within the requirements.


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