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Aviation Insurance

List of Covers

Legal Liability

Aircraft Owner or Operator? This covers your Legal Liability to third parties and/or passengers arising out of the ownership/operator of aircraft where you are at fault Legal Liability is excluded to members of the flight, cabin or other crew members whilst engaged in the operation of the aircraft.

Loss of Licence

If cruising the sky is your bread and Butter, Loss of Licence insurance provides cover in the event of permanent or temporary revocation of an aviation licence, due to accident and/or illness.

Pilots Excess

Do you fly various different aircraft? Does the owner or operator make you responsible for his excess? This cover pays a sum of money to cover your excess charges over a wide range of aircraft for a simple monthly premium payments.

No Claim Bonus Protection

To keep up with discounted premium being offered, many various insurers are providing a discount on your premium upfront at inception of your policy. Did you know that this discount will become repayable back to the Insurers should a claim or loss happen during the policy period? This additional protection will settle that additional charge incurred.

Hull All Risks and Hull War Risks

This option provides coverage to either pay for, replace or repair accidental loss of or damage to the aircraft arising from an accident covered. Hull All Risks covers the structure of the aircraft against damage whilst in flight, Rotors - in - Motion taxiing, Hover, ground manoeuvring and/or on the ground or Rotors - not - in Motion.

Hull war risks is the equivalent (almost) of SASRIA cover that everyone has on their personal and business Insurance. It covers malicious, intentional damage to the aircraft.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident insurance covers accidental death and disability benefits for crew, passengers, ground personnel or any insured person in the aviation industry on a flight risks only basis or on a twenty-four hour basis. This can be extended to cover illness.

Deductible/Excess Reducers

Excess to high? For an additional premium, the excess on your policy is brought down to a smaller fixed amount.